Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Down time

So The undisclosed job where I dont work gave me some days off, burned through two of them  drawing in various places,Started another "infinite story" comic,that means it never stops ..which sense I stopped it and started a new on I guess it's just a big ass comic...mabey a tie in or a cross over to just make it unending again,Whats it about you ask!?fuck if I know it's something I drew so you can bet it has three things,nudity,black ink and poorly drawn dialoge bubbles!the rest will remain unseen.I dont like sharing my comics cause every time I do I get the enevitible"you should sell these there pretty good" all I hear is "you draw but your not published"which if your a comic artist haunts you till you die...or publish something.I know it's trivial why not publish online right?yeah it sounds soooo good,but then who would even read it anymore if I could'nt beam it into a phone they where holding.I want something that dos'nt exist anymore,a gloss cover with the thumb grit paper and all black and white story inside that makes you feel something when you read it and passes life ending germs from person to person, not a nook or kindle or tablet!
I saw a homeless guy with a fucking tablet!...I dont think what i'm drawing is there yet anyway.Which makes me wanna cut this short and go draw more...
For the sake of not offending this man copied out of my book(because he could very well be reading this right now) I saw him out the window for the two hours I was hiding in a downtown book store to stay dry,if he is'nt homless he's a very patient drug dealer.